Seatara Removable Pan

Seatara Removable Pan



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The designing of the pans allow for easy cleaning. This is necessary to ensure that good hygiene standards of the users are maintained. Separating of the removable pan to make two parts is important while travelling as it reduces the size for storage making it more convenient and easy to carry.

How to use the removable pan does not require any technical knowledge, therefore using them is easy, convenient and simple. The Pans come in various sizes hence can accommodate various residents of different sizes. They are bought together with a WheelAble chair and can be replaced from time to time if need be.

Moreover, having the pans entirely made of plastics ensure that the staining does not occur. It also makes cleaning easy and can be done without necessarily having to use any special products for cleaning.

The removable pans are medically approved and hygienically designed hence serve the residents best. They therefore can travel without worrying of any toilet need inconveniences.


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