Rebotec Crutch-Strap Lanyard – Charcoal

Rebotec Crutch-Strap Lanyard – Charcoal



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One size fits most, adjust the length to fit as needed.

ADJUSTABLE: The length of the crutch-strap lanyard can be adjustable to fit as needed. It can cater to a wide range of heights and fit just comfortably.

COMFORTABLE: The material is comfortable and not irritating to the skin behind the neck. It fits comfortably with a generous allowance from one end of your crutch to the other. Perfect for all-day use. People who are using crutches may now be free of hands comfortably when they need to.

EASE OF USE: Easy to use, just attach it to your walking stick, wear it like a lanyard and you’re good to go. It allows easy and secure fitting to your walking stick and helps prevent its loss whenever you want to use your hands.

APPROPRIATENESS: The crutch-strap lanyard is suitable for most types of crutches. Hassle-free to obtain and use since one size already fits most.


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