Professional Penlight Torch – Black

Professional Penlight Torch – Black



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This penlight torch is a high-performing tool that is a must for any clinical medical professional. The steady, consistent light provided by this instrument is suitable for pupil assessment, nasal and oral examination, wound and skin evaluation, and any other medical task requiring an added light source.

It emits standard 2.5V illumination from a sealed concentric beam. The case is enamel-coated aluminium, making this tool both highly durable and attractive. The penlight features a pocket clip, as well as a central push button on/off switch. This penlight operates with 2-AAA batteries (included).

The dimensions of the penlight are 136 mm (length) by 12 mm (width). The weight of the penlight is 14.3 grams.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: This penlight is made of a premium aluminium alloy tube that is enamel-coated, which contributes to its durability. Built with a led bulb, this can really be helpful in medical assessments.

BATTERY-OPERATED: This penlight is operated with 2-AAA batteries, making it convenient to use anytime and anywhere especially during emergencies. Batteries are included.

LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT: This penlight is designed to be light and compact, with a pocket clip so you can clip it on your clothes. It functions in a push-button on/off for easy use. Easy to carry around anywhere and pull with ease anytime.

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: With its enamel-coated aluminium design, it gives off a professional look, making it attractive to use anywhere. It is available in the colours blue and black.

OTHER FEATURES: It is designed with an easy-to-read pupil gauge that is printed very well and does not fade over time. It serves to be very helpful in measuring pupil dilation during medical assessments.


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