Leg Abductor Cushion

Leg Abductor Cushion



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The Leg Abductor Cushion is placed in between the legs when the patient is lying down to hold the hips abducted and legs apart to reduce friction and shearing effects between legs, on the inner sides of knees and calves. It is ideal for positioning the lower extremities following hip replacement surgery.

COMFORTABLE. The inner foam is soft, supportive and pressure care friendly. Comfortable, soft and adjustable straps are attached mid-thigh and at knee level for use in bed.

SECURE. Secure and comfortably holds the knees apart for correct hip alignment. Good security ensures quality results for patient care.

EASY TO CLEAN. The wipeable outer fabric is easily cleaned and sanitized. Prevents bacterial contamination, especially for post-surgery use.

ADJUSTABLE. Equipped to be one adjustable size for all patient care, it is definitely convenient to use.


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