ISU 6, Suction Unit – ISU 6 + Roller Stand
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ISU 6, Suction Unit – ISU 6 + Roller Stand



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The suction unit is used for respiratory therapy and wound management, offering powerful, hygienic suction on demand.

The Suction Unit is a portable, powerful and highly reliable suction unit designed for optimal use in demanding clinic, day surgery and facility use.

The Suction Unit is a mobile, electrically powered, medical suction equipment intended for professional and home use. It is intended for the intermittent operation to remove secretions, blood or vomit from a patient´s airway to allow ventilation.

Higher vacuum levels are generally selected for oropharyngeal suctioning, and lower vacuum levels are usually selected for tracheal suctioning and for suctioning procedures involving children and infants.

Example areas of application

  • Suction drainage of secretion from blocked air passages
  • Suction removal of food particles
  • Suction drainage of secretion following laryngectomy, tracheotomy, in case of illnesses involving increased saliva production, bronchial damage following tumour irradiation, difficulties in swallowing following a stroke, coma patients, cystic fibrosis
  • Geriatric oral hygiene

PORTABLE. Optional trolley stand on wheels is designed to be transported with ease, especially in emergency situations. Ready and rapid to use in any setting with a power source.

USER-FRIENDLY. Easy to set up and operate due to its simple design. The package comes with a user manual where step-by-step instructions are completely stated and easily understood.

HIGH POWER. With a maximum airflow rate of 27L/min and a maximum pressure of -83 kPa, it is suitable for procedures requiring high flow applications. Vacuum levels are easily adjustable depending on the required pressure for various procedures.

LOW NOISE. Despite having high power, this product operates with relatively minimal noise, therefore not creating any disturbance while in use.


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