How to Root Sony Xperia Z1 using One-Click Root solution

The Sony Xperia Z1 is the latest Android based smartphone announced recently. The handset is not yet released worldwide but guys at XDA have already come up with a One-click Root solution for the Xperia Z1 device. Xperia Z1 has got an impressive specs list and most users would like to use it to its full potential and even extend the capabilities of their device. And to just do so, they should start by gaining root access first. Once rooted, you can do stuff like overclocking your CPU, update a Custom ROM and many other things which would not be possible without rooting the device.

The guide below will help you root Sony Xperia Z1 using One-Click Root solution. Its pretty simple and you will not have to deal with any complex stuff. But before we go ahead with the rooting, make sure you understand all the risks involved in rooting and the pre-requisites for successfully rooting your Xperia Z1.

Backup all the data as the operation involved might result in loss of data and might need to recover all the data like the contacts and all. So, take a detailed backup of all your data.

  • Then enable the USB debugging option on your phone by going to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • Also, make sure you have enough battery charge for the process to complete without any interruptions. Maintain about 60-70% of your battery.
  • As the update process will require that you root your device, you are bound to lose your warranty as the rooting process is unofficial. But you can always get back by flashing the stock Android firmware.
  • As the whole process is in Chinese follow the instructions carefully and follow the steps as they are mentioned.
  • Keep in mind that this guide is for advanced Android users for particularly Xperia Z1 and we should not be blamed for any loss of data or in case you brick your device while trying to update it.

How to Root Sony Xperia Z1 using One-Click Root solution

  1. First, download the root app from here and save the file to your pc.
  2. Then just run the app. A prompt asking you to close adb.exe will be displayed. Just go ahead and do so.
  3. Now connect your device to your pc using USB.
  4. Run the root app again. At this point, you will get a message on the upper left corner in red font saying that your device isn’t rooted.
  5. Now, look at the bottom right corner. You should find a green button. Press that button to begin the root process.
  6. The root process will begin automatically and will complete on its own. Be patient and you should get a message saying the device is rooted though in Chinese.
  7. Now to get the root permission, press the green button on the bottom right once more.
  8. A message in blue font will be displayed on the upper left corner saying that your device is rooted.

Congratulations on having your Sony Xperia Z1 rooted. You can now install a custom ROM, or perform a custom recovery, overclocking your CPU and many more things which wouldn’t have been possible before rooting the device. Cheers!!

Clarence James

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