Forceps Crile Rankin Straight – Theatre

Forceps Crile Rankin Straight – Theatre



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Crafted of high-quality surgical stainless steel, these Straigh Crile Forceps are made with long-lasting durability in mind. They are suitable for clamping small blood vessels, acting as a hemostat. The handles lock firmly in place, with multiple locking positions. This allows the surgeon to choose a custom grip, holding tissue with both strength and delicacy. Ring handles provide easy, dexterous operation, similar to scissors.

The straight jaws feature fine serrations along their full length for maximum grip on a variety of tissues. For decades, Straight Crile Forceps have been an essential tool for surgeons worldwide for controlling blood loss during surgery and promoting better patient outcomes. The Straight Crile Forceps offered here are built to the highest standard of quality for serious medical professionals committed to the best in patient care.


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