Finger Cot Splint, 2 PCS


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Just pick the size that best fits your finger from the two-finger cot splint in the pack and slide it on. It is OK for the splint to be a little loose on your finger. It is important that it is not too tight because that may cut off circulation.

Perfect for children and adults thanks to the two different sizes included in the pack. The pack also had two straps to secure the splints. Just wrapped the strap around the splint and it stayed in place all day. It works like tape but is reusable.

Inside the light metal shell, you will find that it is lined with soft foam so your finger has a good degree of cushioning while the outside gives the necessary protection.

  • Includes 2 splints, small and large size
  • Gives protection to facilitate healing
  • Reusable straps provided


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