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The DJMed Knee Walker is comfortable and a sturdy knee walker to fit young adults, adults and the elderly, making it an excellent alternative to crutches. Just right to assist individuals recovering from breaks, sprains, foot surgery, foot sores, sports injuries, and much more. Gives you easy mobility for better freedom and independence all while keeping weight and stress off delicate and recovering areas.

The knee walker includes a leg pad with a channel that provides stability and comfort, while the sturdy dual-frame is steerable for increased maneuverability. The knee walker’s tiller can be easily folded for storage and transportation and its height can be adjusted without the need for tools.

The DJMed knee walker has an attractive, sleek black finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL. The knee walker is made up of high-quality material designed to be durable and suited for long term use. Material is easily cleaned and maintained.

STRONG & STURDY. Coming in at a weight of 9.1 kg, this knee walker is exceptionally strong, lightweight and sturdy with its dual-frame and exceptional steel material.

COMFORTABLE. The knee walker is ergonomically designed to be of comfortable use for a wide range of patients, may it be young adults, adults or even the elderly. Provides excellent mobility perfect for all-day use.

EASY MANEUVERABILITY. With its sturdy dual-frame, dual rear on-wheel brakes and four smooth rubber wheels, this knee walker provides excellent stability and control for all users.

EXCELLENT CRUTCH ALTERNATIVE. More comfortable and stable than crutches, this affordable knee walker is made for both indoor and outdoor use and is designed for supporting either the right or left leg.


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