Direct-Connect Spo2 Sensor Probe, Finger-clip – Child

Direct-Connect Spo2 Sensor Probe, Finger-clip – Child



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Eliminate the risk of infection from non-disposable probes. Re-usable, greater comfort, and effectiveness. Each probe is suitable for use with a number of different patient monitors, including Datascope, DJMed S-line & Mindray 730G. Its unique design incorporates a silicone membrane that provides superior adhesion to the skin, ensuring accurate readings and long-term comfort for patients. REUSABLE: Economical and well-suited for multiple uses without depletion of quality.  COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with several manufacturers of vital signs monitors including Datascope, DJMed & Mindray 730G. UNIQUE DESIGN: It is made of high-quality material with a lightweight construction that makes it easier to carry. The soft padded inner surface on the clip allows comfortable placement on patients. LONG-LASTING: It is made from durable materials and offers a unique design with a longer life span than other brands, giving it great value for money.   Manufacturer Compatibility Model DJMed M8 ARI 800B Advanced Instrumentations PM-2000A Pro, PM1000F CardioTech GT-900 Carewell CPM-9000T Contec HMS6500 Creative PC9000, UP-6000 Dixion Storm 5300, Storm 5500, Storm 5800, Storm 5900 Draeger Vista 120 Edan F9, M3A, M3B, M50, M8, M80, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A, iM50, iM60, iM70, iM8, iM80 without Nellcor OxiMax technology, iM8A, iM8B, iM9, iM9A Kontron 7138, 7840, 7845 Medec M-1000, M-1100, MEDEC-1000 Mindray > Datascope 6201, 809B, Accutorr V, DPM1, DPM2, DPM3, DPM4, DPM5, Duo, MEC 100, MEC 1000, MEC 1200, MEC 200, MEC 2000, MEC-509B, PM 600, PM 6000 (New), PM 7000, PM 8000, PM 9000, PM 9000 Express, Passport V, Passport XG, Trio, VS 800, VS 900 Penlon InterMed PM-8000 Philips M3 Sonolife SmartWave 7 Venni VI-3510P, VI-8410P


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