Digital Therapy, Rechargeable TENS Machine


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TENS known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers small electrical impulses to an individual’s nerve fibres that lie underneath his/her skin’s surface, hence blocking pain signals that are going to his/her brain via the peripheral nervous system and/or spinal cord. In simple words, it is a therapy, which uses a low voltage electrical current for pain relief.

Analogue TENS Machine operates with a small, battery-powered machine, which is about the size of a pocket radio. Usually, one is supposed to connect 2 electrodes from the machine to his/her skin. Ensure you place the electrodes at the pressure point or the area of pain, as it will create a circuit of electrical impulses that travel along your nerve fibres.

Analogue TENS Machine can be set to work on varying wavelength frequencies like a burst of electrical current or a steady flow of electrical current, depending on the intensity of electrical current required. Sometimes, it is your doctor who determines this.

Analogue TENS Machine is mostly used for symptomatic relief and management of chronic adjunctive treatment and intractable pain of post-traumatic or post-surgical acute pain. It is an effective method of eliminating or reducing pain; however, it is not suitable for all patients. Ensure you consult your doctor about it.


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