Bathroom Body Beauty Kit


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The beauty body washer enables one to wash his/her entire body, right down to his/her toes. The ergonomic design of these products allows a good reach and a secure grip, preventing/eliminating any strain on one’s back, hands and shoulder.
It has a replaceable washcloth that cleans the body easily without absorbing any water, making it easy to use and lightweight. Apart from the washcloth being interchangeable, it can also be machine washed at 140oC.

The beauty comp is well balanced to provide maximum power with less strain and effort. The comb is 11.80 inches long and it is specifically designed to enable you to reach perfectly your entire head. The oval handle with textured and soft-grip surface assures a more and better stable grip.

The multi-purpose grip comes with a unique shape, which allows the user to hold small items such as nail files or toothbrushes, securely in his/her hand. The multi-purpose grip allows one to hold a nail file on one side, while the other side has been designed to hold a toothbrush or razor. The grip gives you a much more secure but relaxed grip, making shaving and manicures much easier.


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