30 Soft Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Pack


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The Hot and Cold Gel Pack is a great product used for cooling or heating inflamed tissue areas. Used on the skin for healing bruising, aiding pain relief and minimizing tissue inflammation.

Size: 250mm x 120mm.

Qty included: 30

The Hot and Cold Gel Pack can be heated in a microwave or put into a refrigerator; depending on the intended use.

This product suits many varieties of care. Including hospitals, clinical care facilities, first aid rooms/kits as well as the family home.

The Hot and Cold Gel Pack is durable, easy to clean, soft on the skin and manufactured specifically for ongoing clinical and/or home use. The product is also superiorly designed to last.

For the best results in inflammation care, the Hot and Cold Gel Pack can cater to a wide audience. It is suitable for children and adults; as well as the frail or elderly.


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